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Gutpluckers Washtub Bass History

The multitalented artist Charles Paris, Jr. constructed the washtub bass Dave plays in the Gutpluckers about a half century ago.  After WWII Chuck’s day job was with the original team of artists for Batman comics in New York City.  An avid equestrian, his painted works include western scenes which could be found in galleries across the nation, some of which appeared on the cover of Western Horseman magazine.  Also an accomplished musician he played guitar and saxophone in the jazz clubs of Greenwich Village where the washtub bass filled the need for both bass and percussion.  In those years, Chuck often wintered in Tucson, staying at the outlying guest ranches, and then moving to Tucson when he left New York permanently.  The washtub bass came along with him and during the year he and Dave shared a house Chuck transmitted the essence of the instrument to his pupil with a Yodaesque determination.  Thirty six years, three poles and a dozen or so strings later the beat goes on.